1. What are the traffic Sources?
The traffic are REAL, comes from Traffic Exchanges websites –which is incentive traffic- and expired/typo domains redirect, the HTTP referrer is blank/direct and can’t be custom referrer on our panel.

2. Is this Adsense safe?
Our clients used our traffic past few years with no issue; however, Google policies do not allow purchasing incentive traffic, so use it always on your risk.

3. Will Appear on google analytics and similar tracking services?

4. What is the difference between your traffic options?
Global_200_Seconds is worldwide traffic and visit waiting time is around 200 seconds which is good for bounce rate, Global_10_Seconds is worldwide traffic and visit waiting time is 10 seconds only, Geo_10_Seconds is Geographical targeted and visit waiting time is 10 seconds, Global_Filtered is worldwide traffic filtered from VPN/Proxy traffic, and all 100% Residential Ips confirmed this to avoid bots and increase traffic quality. You can find credit cost in pricing page

5. How to use your traffic panel to improve my website Alexa/SimilarWeb Rank?
Best results for our clients came from Global_200_Seconds and Global_Filtered options, so in panel’s account make two campaigns for your website one with Global_200_seconds and the second campaign with Global_filtered option, keep in mind Alexa/SimilarWeb ranking is Not instant updates and may take weeks/months to see the updated results.

6. How long to get my campaign traffic delivered?
It depends on daily traffic orders and available volume, so I can’t tell exactly, but you could always add more campaigns if you want to accelerate the traffic.

7. Why adult/dating/Religious/political links not accepted?
We have visitors from worldwide with different cultures and prospects. What is cool on your page, in your opinion, may be harmful to them; also, some could be teenagers/children.

8. I have a question not answered here?
You could always contact us with your question.

9. Could I ask for a specific feature to be added to your panel?
Yes!, contact us.

10. How your recurring clients use your traffic?
A. Improving Alexa/SimialrWeb rank.
B. Reselling the traffic.
C. Selling anti Ddos testing service.
D. Monetizing with CPM (you need to make your research for CPM accepts Exchange/Domain redirect traffic, I can’t tell you what my clients using because if you send to the same network, my previous client will lose 50% of his/her earning, because CPM networks lower the payment rate automatically for same traffic sources, any CPM publisher know that.
E. Testing analytics services, Apps, or affiliate links or whatever test requires traffic.
F. Mix it with other traffic sources for BH stuff like incentivizing email/zip submit CPA offers to lower the conversion rate.
G. Brainstorming for new ideas is good also.!

11. Why my tracking service shows the Global_200_Seconds less than 200 seconds on my website?
Due to loading time and visitor first action on your page, different tracking services have different conditions and concepts for actual measurements, but from our side, it’s 200 seconds.

12. Could you teach me how to make money using your panel?
Nope, However, read point #10 in this FAQ may help you.

13. Can I request refund?
Unfortunately, for the nature of our service, we do NOT offer refund. We simply can’t reverse the work to reserve and setup the traffic for your order, and we can’t take back the traffic we sent to your site(s) either.

14. How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime (monthly, yearly) by simply contact us.
Your subscription’s credit will never be expired even when your subscription is cancelled.